Pan Hong Holdings Group Limited (“the Group”) (Former named Pan Hong Property Group Limited) is a niche property development firm headquartered in Hong Kong.

In the early nineties, China began to embrace globalization, and at the same time, actively stimulating its domestic economy. Under this climate, the Group seized the opportunity and made a strategic decision to focus its investments in China. The Group started out in Zhejiang province, and became one of the first few foreign property developers in the area. Zhejiang province has historically been one of the more affluent regions in China, and is a beneficiary of the nation’s rapid economic growth.

The Group goes by the philosophy of emphasizing on honesty to gain client’s trust, and innovation for growth. It also places great importance on strengthening its brand, enhancing its credibility and providing the best service. Over the years, the Group has developed numerous exemplary properties which have gained wide recognition within the industry.

The Group has continuously upgraded its operations in terms of scale and standard. As a testament to its success in property development, the Group has received several awards for its projects.

Through innovative design, and the use of latest technology and resources, the Group has consistently delivered projects of superior quality. Going forward, under the leadership of its visionary and experienced management, the Group will continue to nurture talents as a foundation for growth and actively monitor the market for expansion opportunities. In the spirit of “creating happiness for the clients, opportunities for the employees, value for the society and benefits for the enterprise”, the Group will strive towards becoming one of the elite property developers in China.

The Group was listed on the Main Board of the SGX-ST on 20th September 2006.

After the Reform and Opening-up in 1978, Chinese economy grows rapidly. With more than 30 years of rapid economic growth of the Chinese economy, it is to the key point of the development and transformation. However, the Chinese economy will come into a development period with medium speed, the innovation development and transition will provide new key points of growth for the Chinese economy.

While the Group is currently principally engaged in the business of property development, it has been exploring and seeking new opportunities to broaden revenue and improve profitability. To efforts being made in diversifying the Group’s business and better reflect or align with the business nature and principal activity of the Company, namely investment holding and the future business activities of the possibly and gradually diversified Group, the Group change its name to Pan Hong Holdings Group Limited from Pan Hong Property Group Limited with effect from 9th September 2015.

Until now, the Group has begun to get involved in the biological technology industry and perform innovation development and transformation. According to the Biological Industry Development Plan issued by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, in 2015, the biological industry of China has industrial development capability with distinctive features, which has positive impact to the development of the society and economic. The Group is striving to go ahead on the area of research of biological technology research.

Pan Hong Holdings Group Limited will integrate all the advantages of the Group, attract excellent professionals, to develop in a diversified way.